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Blanco-d Blank
Some players have a skill associated with them, for example, the chop and Ronaldo or the trivela and Ricardo Quaresma. But how many can say a skill is actually named after them?
David Beckham
It was seemingly written in the stars that David Beckham was born to deliver vicious balls into the box as his profession. In May 1975, Beckham was born in an East London hospital called Whipps Cross. I am not making that up. Serial assist maker from...
Barcelona 1995-1997
So I am sitting here wondering what shirt or player the first proper blog should be written about. 
Inside Retro Football Shirts
As I have now been trading for just over four years, I thought that it’s about time that a regular blog was added to the RFS website. The intention is that the blogs will be varied, ranging from Q&A’s with collectors from the football shirt...